There’s a parallel path between brands striving to engage consumers on a more personal level and consumers’ expectations for packaging to deliver that experience.

Mintel reveals the six key trends set to impact the global packaging industry – a look at the “next generation” brand challenges, consumer needs and packaging innovations set to transform the global packaging industry in 2016.

  • Digital Evolution
    Digital print that creates “hyper” personal experiences

  • Show Me The Goods
    Clean-label messaging that enhances brand transparency and builds purchasing confidence

  • Phenomenal Flexibles
    Next-gen hybrids that offer functional and environmental benefits alongside great shelf presence

  • More Than “Just” Green Packaging
    Eco-responsible packaging that empowers social consciousness

  • Size Matters
    Ranges that consumers view as right-sized for themselves and shifting use-occasions

  • Packaging Mobil-ution
    Apps that support “mobile-engaged” packaging


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Behind every trend is comprehensive market, competitive and consumer data that supports the emergence and future impact of the trends, in-depth analysis, as well as examples that highlight the best that brands are delivering to consumers around the world.

What’s coming for your brand in 2016?

Discover how trends emerging and evolving in the global packaging industry are set to transform the consumer landscape over the next year.


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