There’s a parallel path between brands striving to engage consumers on a more personal level and consumers’ expectations for packaging to deliver that experience.

Mintel reveals the five key trends set to impact the global packaging industry – a look at the “next generation” brand challenges, consumer needs and packaging innovations set to transform the global packaging industry in 2017.

  • The [Re] Union of Package Structure and Branding
    The time is now for brands to roll out unique packaging structures that not only differentiate on shelf, but also help form and support brand identity.

  • The Face and Role of Packaging Online
    As e-commerce grows, brands must explore both the opportunities and threats that this can bring, as the shift from in-store to shopping becomes a core part of the packaging design conversation and brief.

  • Packaging Gets Smart, Active and Intelligent
    While there is a lack of standardized definitions for smart, active, intelligent, and even mobile-enabled packaging, there are still clear and measurable connections with consumers and in some cases it is even saving lives.

  • The Experience of Packaging
    Packaging design has become dominated by the need for brand recognition and variant identification and information. Consumers are increasingly looking for brands to entertain and engage them.

  • Extend My Brand
    Price is a key factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions, but brand trust also plays a pivotal role. Brands can leverage trust to create loyalty and extend a product portfolio well beyond traditional categories.


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Behind every trend is comprehensive market, competitive and consumer data that supports the emergence and future impact of the trends, in-depth analysis, as well as examples that highlight the best that brands are delivering to consumers around the world.

What’s coming for your brand in 2017?

Discover how trends emerging and evolving in the global packaging industry are set to transform the consumer landscape over the next year.

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