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Last year Mintel foresaw virtual and augmented reality technologies entering our homes and businesses and space and time becoming a premium, concepts we have seen infiltrate the consumer landscape in 2016.

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European Consumer Trends 2017
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The 7 trends set to impact the
European consumer markets are:

Seamless Spending

Thanks to the simplicity and convenience they offer, people are embracing new payment methods such as contactless cards, smartphones and wearables in record numbers.


Talking Shop

Brands are utilising platforms like Snapchat, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger to instantly connect with consumers and offer superior levels of customer service.


Right Here, Right Now

Brands are using new technology to help consumers decide what to buy, watch, do or eat, based upon pending timeframes from the next 30 minutes to the next 48 hours.


Cultural Social Responsibility

Funding in Europe is in crisis, and yet the region contains the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Brands are stepping in to fund restoration and repair work.


What must-have products and services are on the horizon?
What will consumers determine is ‘the next big thing’?

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The Sweet hereafter

The UK is the latest country to declare a sugar tax, signifying a growing challenge for European brands: namely how to deliver the future of sweetness going forward.


Ascending Africa

Africa’s rising GDP and improving infrastructure are making it an increasingly credible and powerful trading partner and Europe will start to buy in to and reach out to the benefits of Africa’s growing middle class and rapidly improving connectivity.


Airpocalypse Now

Air pollution is harming us right now and consumers will start investing more in pollution protection products, whilst brands endeavour to be part of the solution, not the problem.