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Mintel's team of global expert analysts have identified and analyzed four key consumer trends set to impact the US consumer market in 2015.

4 key consumer trends

See how brands evolve in wearable technology and in on-demand retail. Learn how they will have to deal with increased consumer awareness and their demand for accountability.

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In this beautifully designed trend report, Mintel’s expert analysts guide you through what will be influencing consumers in the year ahead. Packed full of exclusive data and brimming with real examples, this is essential reading for those working in the consumer world.

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The 4 trends set to impact the consumer market are:

Get Smart

The world of synced devices will become mainstream as trusted companies move into the market and join the convenience-driven, data-collection revolution.

My Wallet, My Way

Consumers’ expectations for on-demand convenience are blurring the lines between digital and brick-and-mortar retail, driving immediacy not just in shopping, but also expanding it into any consumer interactions with businesses.

Fight For Your Rights

Growing awareness of customer rights and corporate misbehavior will see consumers demand more fairness and justice from companies, with consumer input becoming almost integral.

Gender Agenda

People are questioning traditional notions of gender, rejecting the restraints of stereotypes and embracing the freedom to be themselves and do what they want.

Mintel US Consumer Trends 2015

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