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The Canadian Millennial: The facts you need to know

This demographic group brings with them a wealth of opportunities for brands looking to engage with them – but understanding true Millennial behavior rather than stereotypes is key to capitalizing. Millennials are early adopters of …(Read more)


Hair to Stay? How brands are capitalising on the global growth of beards

While the prevailing fashion for stubbled cheeks and beards of varying lengths has hit sales of men’s razors and blades and squashed growth of shaving preps, it has opened opportunities for a relatively new sector …(Read more)


Crunch time: Why Indian brands need to take notice of e-commerce

Indian biscuit giant Britannia Industries became the first biscuit company in the country to leverage e-commerce for brand promotions by joining forces with online retailer Amazon India for a pilot launch of Good Day Chunkies, …(Read more)

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