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One machine, three drinks: A refresher for the Brazilian market?

Whirlpool Corp and Anheuser-Bush InBev recently announced that it started selling B.blend. a machine that makes soda, juice and coffee with single-serve capsules in Brazil. Here, Mintel’s Global Food and Drink Analyst Jenny Zegler looks …(Read more)


Could emojis be the key to the next step in online security?

Trying to remember the combination of numbers and letters chosen as a password across various platforms is a challenge many of us face regularly. However, recently companies have been looking to make this challenge slightly …(Read more)


Proposed nutrition label changes a welcome improvement for Canadian shoppers

For the second time since 2007, Canada’s nutrition labels are being revised. Mintel’s research shows that determining the healthiness of a product is a challenge for many grocery shoppers, a task that will be made simpler …(Read more)

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