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America television blog2

Comcast engages prospects and customers with new hands-on education opportunities

Let’s be honest – pay TV service is becoming more complicated. As TV providers add features to make their services more cutting edge and valuable, such as TV Everywhere, app integration and interactivity, they may …(Read more)

APAC Singapore innovation-blog

Destination Innovation: Why Singapore may soon be the pioneer for food and drink manufacturing

With the government’s recent launch of the Food Manufacturing Industry Transformation Map, Singapore is aiming to become the leading food and nutrition hub in Asia.

Lighting the path on the way towards this position is product …(Read more)


Black Friday – It’s that time of year again

Black Friday is upon us. The idea that it is good to have a major promotional event in the run up to Christmas is an American one, but while it may have some relevance over …(Read more)

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