2024 Omnichannel Marketing Trends

2024 Omnichannel Marketing Trends

Mintel Comperemedia 2024 Omnichannel Marketing Trends
Comperemedia’s 2024 Omnichannel Marketing Trends are here!

Learn how marketers can break through the noise with revitalized marketing strategies that call on pre-digital tactics, disrupt linear funnel thinking, and demonstrate a true commitment to action.

This year’s trends are:

Deja New: Digital natives and their predecessors are facing hyper-fatigue online and are looking for brands to refresh conversations by putting a modern twist on the pre-digital brand playbook. 

Funnel Vision: The rise of multiple new media channels and an expansive digital landscape have changed the way consumers navigate their shopping journeys and how they make decisions—what used to be a linear process is now an intricate web of choices.

Commit to the Bit: Expect brands to be more selective with channel choice, audience targeting, messaging, and CSR initiatives to meet consumers where and when it matters.

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