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As a Market Intelligence agency our knowledge, expertise and insight can inform and guide your marketing strategy, helping you make better business decisions faster.

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Mintel – The world’s leading Market Intelligence agency.

From fast answers to deep insights, Mintel has provided research and market intelligence solutions to consumer-focused businesses for more than 50 years. With a combination of world-class syndicated tools and custom insight solutions, we are your eyes and ears in the markets that matter and the insights behind your next big idea.

We know consumers – who they are, what they see, what they do, what they buy. We also know why. We know innovation – what’s new, what’s groundbreaking, what’s hot and what’s not. All around the world. We know markets. We know their numbers – how much, how many, who sells what. We know trends – what’s changing, where and why. We know what’s coming next. We know competitors – their products, strategies and tactical plays. We know where the opportunities exist. And, because we know, we can tell you where to play and how to win.






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Our Story
Founded in 1972 by entrepreneurs looking to provide better market intelligence to the industry.
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Our Culture
We have a strong people-centred culture; celebrating their individual’s unique differences and helping them grow.
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We support growth opportunities from health to human rights and social inclusion for everyone.

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