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Understand what’s new and next in consumer behaviour.

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Mintel Trends

Your essential guide to anticipating change in the consumer world. More than trend-spotting: define, validate and predict what’s next.

Trends tracked globally and mapped to the market of your choice.

New trends emerge, and others evolve around them. So, how can you tell the transformative from the transient? And how do you turn that into an opportunity? Our global experts constantly analyse real-world examples driving the changes across cultures and society.

Our experts highlight the trends creating the most impact, explain why they’re important and explain how brands can benefit so you can safely make the next strategic move for your business.

Get inspired by data

Our analysts highlight impactful trends, explain their worth and how brands can benefit, so you can safely make your next business move.

Mintel Trends observes the cool, the contrary and the innovative from around the world, but takes things one step further, validating the findings with Mintel consumer data and grounding them for practical use.
Mintel Trends
Mintel Trends

Trends can help with:

  • Marketing & Advertising +

  • Category Management +

  • Consumer Insights +

  • Research & Development +

We use Mintel Trends when we are seeking insight and inspiration. You can, for example, look at a different product category and generate some fresh ideas from seeing how others have tapped into a particular trend.


Mintel Trends

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