Find more solutions to your problems, with our intelligent market reports. With our solutions, consumer and customer research, stay ahead of the game in the market and discover new trends. We track trends, markets and competitors, so your business can get the full 360 research into what works for you.
Mintel Competitors
Our competitive intelligence - your competitive advantage. Any advantage over the opposition can be transformative for your sales, your profits and your brand.
Mintel Consumers
Find out everything you need to know about your customers so you can adapt your strategy to their changing needs.
Mintel Innovation
Innovation is at the heart of every successful enterprise strategy. It’s new products, new markets and new ideas that keep every industry’s leaders ahead of the game. Mintel is where they get their inspiration.
Mintel Markets
No two markets are exactly alike. What works in one place is no guarantee of success in another. We can be your eyes and ears in the markets that matter.
Mintel Trends
To understand our ever-evolving world, it’s helpful to zoom out and see the entire landscape. From there trends emerge that can direct, influence and change culture, brand and markets.