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Mintel Leap

Leap. Before you look.

For forward-thinking companies seeking deeper market understanding and immediate strategic direction, data-driven decision-making just became much simpler. Mintel Leap is a revolutionary new AI platform that will transform your research process. Using Mintel’s vast proprietary data and human insight, Mintel Leap delivers the answers you need with unparalleled speed, quality and accuracy.

The best ideas need the strongest arguments.

Innovative ideas are hard to move forward. Before, all your effort went into researching and presenting the next case. Now, 50 years of rigour provide expertise in an instant, directly answering your unique questions. You can be braver and use your time to create and lead, not justify. CEOs ask the world of their people. Get the tools to answer.

Good data in. Good data out.

Mintel Leap’s closed-loop AI platform is a game-changer in market intelligence. Built exclusively on Mintel’s proprietary research and human analysis, ask Leap everyday questions to quickly explore Mintel’s wide-ranging data and analysis on categories, consumers, products and markets to get the answers you need. You can trust the succinct and actionable intelligence that Mintel Leap provides without worrying about any hallucinations. Don’t settle for less than the best. Choose Mintel Leap and make informed decisions with confidence.

Ruder Finn

“A Game-Changer: Mintel Leap Transforms Our Insight Discovery. I am thrilled to share my experience with Mintel Leap, an AI function that has completely revolutionised the way we access insights. Since incorporating Mintel Leap into our workflow, our team has experienced a significant boost in efficiency and effectiveness.”

McKellen MA 马凯伦 – General Manager of IMC, Ruder Finn

Mintel Leap

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