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Custom insight to help you make better strategic marketing decisions.

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Mintel Consulting

We’re here to take the guesswork out of your process, solve your business challenges and help you move forward faster with confidence.

Customised Insight. Because one size doesn’t fit all.

We’re the Mintel specialists who help consumer-facing businesses find their best growth opportunities. Our team brings together data experts, experienced researchers, senior marketers, trends gurus, facilitators and innovators to create insights that help you make better strategic marketing decisions.

We’re a mix of curious, logical thinkers, grounded in commercial reality – united by our passion for understanding the Consumer.

Fresh viewpoints supported by rigorous data.

Our clients choose us because they know what we’re drawing on: our knowledge, expertise and insights are rooted in the rigorous, multi-disciplinary research on which Mintel’s reputation has been built. No other strategic consultancy can call on this range of resources to answer the key questions your business faces today – and tomorrow.
Mintel Consulting
Every client is unique.

We’ll work with you to deliver the answers and recommendations you need. Typically our projects cover the following:

Competitive and market landscaping
Opportunity space identification
Innovation strategy
Flavour innovation
Claims innovation
Proposition development
Consumer research
Consumer segmentation
Trend frameworks and foresight
Competitive spending, placement, and message strategy
Continuous tracking
Marketing insight reports

The ability of Mintel to tailor their services to our specific needs means they are a valued resource for the Tesco Food Academy.


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