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The definitive source to track and analyse global product innovation.

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Mintel GNPD

With global coverage of key new products launched, GNPD (Global New Products Database) is your destination for data, analysis and insight on CPG product innovation.

eCommerce, specialist retail, grocery stores and more.

Our team picks up new global product launches from the top retail channels in each market. We analyse and categorise everything about them, from ingredients to innovation, promotion to packaging. We incorporate multiple data sources, 40,000 new products a month, sourced from 86 of the world’s major economies – using local shoppers to obtain accurate information directly from the field. That gives us the depth of resources we need to track trends in global product innovation and retail success.

Trusted by over 64,000 marketers, innovators, researchers and scientists worldwide.

According to our clients, Mintel’s data quality is unmatched in the market. GNPD delivers detailed data on new products launched in the food, beverage, beauty and personal care, healthcare, household goods and pet care markets.

It provides the granularity you need with hundreds of millions of data points covering 270 subcategories, 140 product claims, 200 packaging attributes, and over 46,000 ingredients.
Mintel GNPD
Mintel GNPD

GNPD can help with:

  • Marketing & Advertising +

  • Category Management +

  • Packaging & Design +

  • Research & Development +

Mintel GNPD gives us a lot of extremely valuable information on how our ingredients are used in products with specific claims. That is critical for us because many of our customers change their formulations and launch new products all the time.


Mintel GNPD

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