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Virginia Harvey - Secondary Research Manager

My area of focus is to extract and develop compelling insights and stories through data analysis via secondary research sources.

More specifically, I provide actionable insights for new and existing business development, creative executions, general intelligence, and other POV tactics.

Our primary objective throughout our business is simple: create the connections that bond people and brands.

While at its core, this sounds easy enough, we (and our clients) are faced with a range of business challenges, specifically in understanding and predicting consumer behaviors and attitudes.

In our efforts to deliver business outcomes for our clients, we must leverage insights to understand and stay one step ahead of the consumer in their path to purchase.

Mintel products provide our team with comprehensive information and intelligence to examine industry, category and consumer trends.

The combination of the different Mintel products we use helps us to gain a richer understanding of our consumers and the world in which they live and operate.

That understanding helps us deliver strategic and creative work that sparks connections between our clients and the audiences they want to reach and, therefore, moves their business forward.

Mintel Reports, Mintel Trends and Comperemedia

We utilize Mintel Reports, Trends and Comperemedia to mine for insights across the numerous business verticals that Epsilon serves, such as CPG, automotive, telecom, healthcare/pharma, retail and financial services.

By integrating Mintel insight into new business opportunities, we have been able to gain the competitive edge necessary to advance partnerships with global brands and key business players.

For our organization, it’s about depth and breadth. Having one without the other doesn’t enable success in our business.

We need to have a strong ability to recognize the implications of information, then layer them into either a broad context or more customizable format for our existing and/or prospective clients.

In the end, a large set of data is only as good as the quality it provides. Mintel’s services deliver an extensive library of industries while offering in-depth coverage of key performances and consumer behaviors.

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