Innovation is at the heart of every successful enterprise strategy. It’s new products, new markets and new ideas that keep every industry’s leaders ahead of the game. Mintel is where they get their inspiration.

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We’re tracking innovation all the time, identifying trends and gaining insights from categories and regions outside your own, watching how other companies are approaching the market – all of it. Flavours, formulas, fragrances, packaging, ingredients, ideas – we see the hits and the misses and we watch how consumers respond so you can fuel your innovation pipeline.

So whether you want to take inspiration from our syndicated research or ask specific questions on how to innovate in particular markets, we can help.

Mintel Innovation

Here are some of the questions about innovation we can help you answer

  • Who’s launching new products in my categories? +

  • What are the emerging ingredients, fragrances and flavours in my industry or regions? +

  • How can I discover and study new and unique packaging attributes, concepts and trends? +

  • What white space opportunities are there for my brand? +

  • How do I get products in my hands for testing? +

Having access to product data and ingredient lists, knowing what people are using and what claims they are making is a real advantage. The worldwide coverage is another real benefit for us because we can use that information to make sure the new products we create will be competitive globally.


Mintel Innovation

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