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Mintel Field Services

It’s where sales and marketing theories play out in practice, where you can find out what’s going on at the coalface of consumer choice – in stores, on shelves, in service, on price tags.

The difference between thinking you know and being sure that you do.

Mintel Field Services provides custom data collection and analysis. We can call on a network of more than 25,000 local field evaluators in more than 130 markets, all available to deliver the on-the-ground intelligence you need to inform your sales strategies and monitor those of your competitors.

It’s the difference between thinking you know your customers, your outlets, your presentation, and your quality and being sure that you do.

Plan. Act. Deliver.

Our specialist Project Managers will work with you to design projects that meet your needs. We’ll select the right methodologies to produce accurate, meaningful, actionable results. Working to the plan, we will design the data capture surveys, select the Field Evaluators and collect the requested retailer and product information to the time scales agreed. We train all our people to understand your requirements and ensure you get the relevant results delivered how you need them and when required. One constant is that we will provide you with an online custom database, meaning you can access the data and analysis wherever you are.
Mintel Field Services
Mintel Field Services
A project can take on many forms and all are done on a custom basis.

Here are some of the more typical projects we work on:

Competitor audit
Claims audit
Category audit
Promotion tracking
Pricing audit
Quality assessment
Product retrieval
Mystery shopping

If you’re presenting new ideas, it’s essential they are underpinned by robust data and evidence, and rooted in fact. Mintel gives us all that. It’s a great brand and one that’s trusted by clients.

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Mintel Field Services

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