It’s easy to follow a fashion, but the biggest winners in beauty and personal care are those who start new trends.

Mintel Beauty & Personal CareThe expert led Market Intelligence solution for the beauty business.


All our Market Intelligence resources with a single focus on the beauty business. Strategic in outlook, granular in detail – a unique blend of data, analysis and insights you can action right away.

More than a database.
An expert led solution tailored to meet your needs.
Helping you build the beauty products and brands of tomorrow

Keep your finger on the pulse.

To stay successful in beauty and personal care, you need to be across the launches, trends and innovations that are driving purchase decisions worldwide.

Our unique data sets and intelligence networks give you monthly predictive analysis for nine key categories covering consumers, products, packaging and retail.

It’s a perfect combination of strategic insight and granular detail, with coverage that moves as fast as the market itself.

Stay successful in Beauty and Personal Care

Think differently.
Win big.

The singular focus of Mintel Beauty & Personal Care gives our specialist team of world-class analysts a licence to dig deeper, look further and think harder in search of the white space and unseen opportunities you need to really succeed.

Stay successful in Beauty and Personal Care

Invest once. 
Access all.

By investing in Mintel Beauty & Personal Care you’ll benefit from access to Mintel’s portfolio of Market Intelligence solutions at no extra cost.  Mintel GNPD; The world’s leading new products database, Mintel Reports; In-depth market analysis and consumer research reports, Mintel Market Sizes; global market size and segmentation database, Mintel Trends; global consumer trends

Stay successful in Beauty and Personal Care

How we do it and what you get

Created with the senior beauty executive in mind, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care brings together data, insight and recommendations to help you build the beauty brands and products of tomorrow.

Our specialist, global team of Industry Thought Leaders have a wealth of real beauty and personal care experience with many of the world’s leading brands and ingredients businesses. They are as passionate about the industry as you are.

Mining the most credible sources of data for innovation, trends and inspiration, they will tell you not just the details and numbers of the here and now, but a clear insight into what’s coming next.

So, how do we do it?

  • We start with the most credible sources of data available. From our coverage of prestige and mass beauty and personal care launches on Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD), Market size and forecasting data through Mintel Market Sizes and our Consumer data and attitudinal and behavioural research. We also speak to you, the industry, all the time.
  • This data is then discussed and analysed by our teams of experts. Experts in research, trends, forecasting, behaviour, digital, retail, innovation, packaging, claims and category. Only then do our Thought Leaders create the insights asking the question “What does a beauty client need to know, why should they need to know it, what can they do about it?”
  • Mintel Beauty & Personal Care has everything you expect from a Mintel solution and more. Easy to use websites, powerful proprietary databases and dedicated Account Management teams to work alongside you to help you make the most of your service. What’s more, key to the Mintel Beauty & Personal Care solution, you’ll have access to those Thought Leaders, whether in person, on-site or over the phone. Ensuring you can answer those critical questions for your business.
  • Finally we can supplement our core service with custom intelligence to enable you to meet your commercial objectives. From in-store, to strategic analysis. That is why we say Mintel Beauty & Personal Care is more than a database. This is an expert led solution tailored to meet your needs.
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