What’s it about?

Market knowledge is essential to business success. Market dynamics are moving faster than ever. Consumer behaviour has never been more complicated to track.

Factor in globalisation – touching individuals as surely as it changes brands. What’s trending now is doing so right across the planet. The world is getting smaller, but it isn’t any easier to navigate.

So market expertise needs to be as strategic as it is granular. It’s still about knowing the details close to home, but also the broader trends cutting across categories and borders alike.

Who is it for?

You work in sales, marketing, research, product development, strategy or business analysis.

It’s your job to understand the commercial opportunities and threats your business will face.

You need to know where the white space is, the categories into which you can expand, the territories you can target for growth.

You need robust performance and forecast data to support your business case or investment plan. That’s why you turn to us.

What’s in it for you?


The critical market information you need to help manage and develop your business. Fast access to market share, market size and forecasts. Robustly tested, rigorously assessed.


In-depth market studies that give you objective assessments of consumers, competitors, products and risk.


We can tell you where the market is heading, and about the coming trends. Our compass can steer your creative thought. We can take you where you’re going next.


  • Market research

  • Market analysis

  • Competitive analysis

  • Market entry study

  • Market drivers

  • Market growth rate

  • Market forecasting

  • White space analysis

  • Brand extension


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