Anna Noetzel

Global Senior Public Relations Manager

Based in Chicago, Anna manages public relations for the Unites States and Canada. With an agency background, Anna's prior experience includes consumer food and beverage, consumer technology and b2b technology. Anna runs the day-to-day N. America traditional and social media relations and is likely to be your first point of contact in the US press office.

Amanda Lintott

PR Manager

After studying law, Amanda couldn’t resist the lure of the media. Having worked both in the UK and the US, Amanda is now based in the London office. With over a decade of extensive experience in media relations on a global scale, Amanda now focuses on the UK press.

Lizzie Tantam

PR Manager

Based in the London office, Lizzie manages day-to-day European press enquiries and is likely to be your first point of contact in the UK press office. Before working in PR, Lizzie gained a First-Class degree in English Literature from Lancaster University.

Eva Xu

PR and Content Executive - China

Eva Xu has over five years experience spanning PR for consulting, real estate and luxury hospitality brands, as well as also working for the Monaco Tourism Bureau, translating press releases from English and French into Chinese. She will be your first point of contact for China and is based in the Shanghai office.