Who is it for?

The market intelligence needs of brand owners, design firms and agencies, and even packaging converters is dramatically different today than it was just a few years ago. It’s no longer good enough to understand a brand’s position or a converter’s innovations.

Today, and going forward, it’s not enough to be disruptive and simply attract attention. It’s about understanding consumer needs and delivering packaging solutions that consumers first recognize, and then understand what that difference means to them and their families.

Mintel’s team of global packaging analysts identify and monitor packaging, product, consumer and market data, and alert clients to issues and opportunities that create consumer engagement and build brand value.

Mintel offers its information in one central location, with an overlay of expertise and forward-looking recommendations. By utilizing all of Mintel’s tools, you will be able to better understand your customers’ customer.

How do we fit?

At Mintel, we know the direction packaging is ahead because we’ve traveled the road many times. Our international team of packaging analysts has a combined 50 years of experience and we travel the world to share our insights and analysis with clients in the US, Europe, Latin and South America, and throughout the Asia-Pacific regions on a regular basis.

That experience enables the packaging team to provide analysis of the most important and emerging trends in packaging. It also gives us the confidence to challenge conventional thinking in a way that creates actionable insights you can use immediately to understand the current market and identify real opportunities going forward.


  • Mintel’s key difference is our depth of data and insight-driven reports to give you a complete understanding of both market trends and consumer behavior, all in one place.

  • Our analysts distill the data so you don’t have to

  • We focus on communicating the key data points to you in the most accessible way.

Category coverage

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Beauty
  • Household
  • Personal Care
  • Pet


  • Package innovations

  • Unique/functional package design

  • On-pack claims

  • Analysis of new package introductions

  • Package type and material

  • Primary and secondary packaging

  • Label type and material

  • Closure type and material

  • Decorative process

  • Production methods

  • Applicators, dispensers and caps

  • Search by pack size and popularity