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Skincare fights back to protect against pollution

Although we all love it when the sun shines, the negative impact of sun exposure on skin has been a

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How the financial services sector can capitalise on Mintel’s “Get Smart” trend in 2015

Mintel has identified ‘Get Smart’ as one of four key UK consumer trends for 2015. As the world of synced

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Pumpkin proliferation prominent on US restaurant menus

Nothing says Halloween quite like pumpkin and restaurants are cashing in on consumer’s love for all things gourd-related. According to

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Poland’s preference for pasta holds new market potential

The Mediterranean diet is well known for its positive health effects, with no shortage of fresh vegetables, pastas and fish.

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Why healthy eating is the natural choice for consumers in Australia and New Zealand

As part of four key trends set to impact the Australia and New Zealand, Mintel forecasts that the ‘Healthy Appetite’

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Walgreen's new pet project lures in animal lovers

Most people will tell you their pet is just as important as any member of their family. Well, Walgreens is

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A nutty but novel way to boost salty snack sales

Family-owned online retailer reached $30 million in revenue last year, according to an August 2014 Bloomberg article. The website,

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How growing demand for functional foods will impact Southeast Asia in 2015

As part of four key trends set to impact the Southeast Asia region, Mintel forecasts that the ‘Get Healthy’ trend

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5 things American marketers need to know about consumers in 2015

As Mintel looks ahead to 2015, Trends Analysts Stacy Glasgow and Jenny Zegler examine the consumer behavior that will shape

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Are transparent tomatoes key to Italian trust?

After recent food scares, such as Europe’s E.coli outbreak in beansprouts in 2011, there has been increased consumer interest in

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