Eric Giandelone

Eric Giandelone, Mintel Foodservice Director of Research can be heard here talking with CNBC about publicly traded companies that are working on new lower-calorie menu items for next year.

This follows the launch of our Foodservice Trends webinar last week. To find out more and to download our Foodservice 2011 trends go here

In case you didn’t get to hear about them…

1. Healthy by Association: Consumers say they plan to eat healthier in the upcoming year.

2. Automated Menus: Reach a younger audience with a savvy blend of convenience and technology.

3. Transparency: Consumers want to know what they are eating, and government mandates will makes sure they do.

4. Indigenous Ingredients: The local food movement inspires more authentic or traditional ingredients in ethnic entrees.

5. Exemptions to the Rule: Less-than-healthy novelty or seasonal menu items still tempt healthy eaters.

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