Nuts and seeds already enjoy a healthy reputation as delivering both high protein and energy content. A growing number of brands that operate outside of the nuts, seeds and trail mix category are leveraging this reputation through product innovation by integrating seeds and nuts as ingredients in their product lines.

While this innovation takes place “around the menu” from breakfast to entrée salads, nuts and seeds may be especially appealing for brands trying to enter the popular snack space where portability, unique flavors and textures are staples.

Some recent product launches we’ve got our eye on that use nuts or seeds as an ingredient, often as a protein booster, include:

What we think

With the continued diversification of and increase in snacking behavior and occasions, consumer interest in nutrition and satiety will continue to be a driver with many snack consumers looking for heartier options. As outsider brands leverage the stellar reputation of nuts and seeds to enter the snack space, consumers may be inspired or drawn to explore new categories that are using these ingredients in their product development to increase protein content. Brands within the category may also find there are alternative opportunities and channels that offer brand extension.

Michael is a Food and Drink Analyst at Mintel, specializing in the CPG food and drink industry. He is responsible for writing monthly analysis reports providing strategic insight and consultancy across several food and drink categories. Prior to Mintel, Michael worked in marketing at The Kraft Heinz Company as a Senior Marketing Analyst. He has a background in brand management, data analysis and food trend reporting.

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