Who is it for?

Our food market clients need more than just a flavour of one of the most complex markets on earth. That’s why they come to Mintel.

You need to understand the food industry’s categories, their size, segmentation and forecasts.

You want a strategic view of what’s happening globally, and a pinpoint focus on what can translate into the categories and

territories that matter to you. Innovations, tastes, ingredients and formats.

You need to know what people are buying, where they eat out, the new products in the food market and trends that excite them. And you need to know why. You need to know what they mean for you and your brand – today and tomorrow. Insights on a plate.

How do we fit?

At Mintel, we have a clear and renowned expertise in the food market. We work with some of the world’s biggest manufacturers and retailers to improve their brand offerings and launch new products in multiple markets.

We are fine dining and fast food. Processed and organic. From recipes to ready meals, sauces to snacks, our food industry experts know exactly how the food market boils down.

Our international network of field researchers and food analysts works together to blend data, knowledge, foresight and innovation into actionable insights you can feed into your strategy and development processes right away. The most robust research and the most creative thought equals informed strategy.

Category coverage

  • Baby food market

  • Breakfast cereals market

  • Dairy market

  • Fruit and vegetables market

  • Meat and egg products market

  • Pet food market

  • Savoury spreads market

  • Snacks market

  • Bakery market

  • Chocolate confectionery market

  • Desserts and ice cream market

  • Meals and meal centres market

  • Processed fish market

  • Sauces and seasonings market

  • Side dishes market

  • Soup market

  • Sugar and gum confectionery market

  • Sweet spreads market

  • Sweeteners and sugar market


  • Food consumer research

  • Global new product launch

  • Sales data

  • Food market size

  • Food market forecast

  • Food market share

  • Formulation

  • Claims

  • Ingredients

  • Packaging

  • Menu tracking


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