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Swani Spice Mills

Parneet S Swani - CEO, Swani Spice Mills

“The Partnership with Mintel will definitely help make my academic research be more diverse in terms of data source and data analysis.”

Swani Spices is an export-driven company looking to do two things: first is being ahead of the curve for our clients and our business development and second is to be able to spot an emerging trend before they mainstream. We have been using Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD) platform for the past two years and thanks to the Mintel backed intelligence we are able to spot emerging trends and evaluate them before they become popular. This gives us sufficient time to react, adjust and develop our supply chain capabilities that will help keep our customers continuously engaged with us.

Moreover, we are now looking to launch a domestic spice brand with sustainable spices being supplied with complete traceability to the farms where spices are grown. Using Mintel’s insights and intelligence we have managed a successful segmentation for our brand that will give us a first-mover advantage and keep us ahead of the curve as always.

While currently, we don’t have the resources at our disposal that the FMCG multinational or established brands have, but through this collective insights and intelligence network we will be ready to launch by the end of the year. I would like to thank Mintel and the team for continued support and innovative guidance.

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