Mintel Reports Testimonials

Hundreds of businesses use Mintel Reports each month to make strategic decisions

Here’s what some have to say about their experience with us

“The Mintel report provides great insight for both marketing and commercial teams, for which I summarise and categorise key insights by team for quick and easy reference & relevancy. The “consumer research” section provides the most value for the majority of stakeholders receiving the report, however, we often find value in the brand section specifically for the product team in highlighting new innovations in the industry. We also use the insights to create fact-based consumer stories to share with our retail trade partners to help quantify opportunities.”

Senior Consumer Insights Manager
General Mills
“In the short term we have used the reports to help in form the early stages of innovation where we are considering the attributes in terms of texture and flavour. We have used the ice cream reports & the adjacent category reports to understand these trends and how we should build these into our product ideas/focus areas. In the longer term we look at the bigger trends and what these mean for our brand, this helps guide us as to how we should think about new opportunities.”

Global Insights and Analytics
“We use Mintel to provide us with some credible data that tells us about existing & new trends in the cider market that we may know something about but need some numerical data that backs this up. When we have the Mintel numerical data, details of existing & new trends we can align this information to our existing products, to new products we are developing when selling them to our customers. As Mintel is recognised by a lot of customers, this helps us with our discussions with them, in maintaining existing products, listing new products with them.”

Head of Sales
Gorilla Glue
“We purchased the Impact of Covid-19 DIY report for Italy as we launched into market in Aug 2020. We decided to launch onto Amazon earlier than anticipated, seeing consumer demand shift to online, and having proven sales from our UK market. This report also helped us plan out which DIY retailers we want to target for distribution in Q2/3 2021, linking this market data with our UK / US proven sales, helps with a compelling selling presentation for buyers.”

European Brand Manager
Burtons Biscuits
“The Mintel report that we purchased has greatly helped in putting some of our internal plans into context and for us to adjust these plans in line with the latest trends and competitor activity. Some of these trends have also been utilised by our Innovation and brand teams in building their NPD pipeline with some of the worldwide trends. Our International sales team have also found the reports really helpful especially where there has been some data about consumption or sales levels in different countries.”

Category Management Controller
Wismettac UK
“I use Mintel reports as an overview of a market, If it is an area, we are interested in we may then commission bespoke research or buy EPOS data from Mintel or Nielsen to drill down to more specifics. This however is a lot more expensive so if I can find a Mintel report with some of the data I need it makes a huge difference. It is also useful to quote key data in presentations e.g. Mintel predicts 13% growth in world foods by 2023.”

Head of Business Development
“We use the report in many different ways – helping to inform our strategy and annual planning process using the overview and trends, using specific data to answer specific questions around market size and market value. It is a useful reference for when we need to look at the whole market and competitors to supplement our other data sources such as internal cx data and bespoke primary research sources.”

Senior Insight Manager
Central England Co-operative
“The report was extremely useful. I have engaged a number of business areas including, Business Development, Data & Analytics, Brand, Retail Ops, Commercial and our Executive team to share findings from the report. We are in the process of developing our online channel strategy and the report will be used to provide useful market context and inform our decision making processes.”

Business Development Director
“The reports help to reconfirm decision making within the business, influence the sales and marketing strategy going forward as well as providing a good overview of advertising spend amongst the big players and what mediums they focus on; examples of the latter would be the focus on wellbeing as well as a more significant shift online in segments of the market that might not have been expected.”

Savencia Fromage
“The reports we purchased were used to quote relevant insights to the business internally (trends, consumption, stats) either for the group (HQ) or in the UK to help shape up brand and category plans and also to demonstrate to retail partners what trends are driving consumer behaviours at JBP presentations or shaping up strategic discussions.”

Senior Category Manager
“We use Mintel reports and the insights deriving from this research for Strategic purposes. Together with other quantitative types of data it’s used to create a solid view on market developments. In the floral category, Mintel focuses on actual trends, based on high quality research, which adds value to our Account team and to our customers in the UK.”

Marketing Manager
“In relation to the Mintel reports we have purchased, and thinking more about the Home Insurance report we bought a year or so ago now, we use this to help size the market and then consider what options we have in terms of playing in that market. We also use the report as a way of validation against some of the Market Sizing work we carry out ourselves.”

Senior Research Manager
“High-level market reports such as Mintel provide a credible and essential element to our decision making process. Not only do the insights help identify trends, communications and opportunities but they also help shape our ‘sell in’ process to wider markets and resellers across b2b and b2c.”

Brand Marketing Manager
Cheese Geek
“Whilst cheese as an industry has been around for centuries, the pace at which it is changing is incredible. Using the Mintel reports is key for us to stay on top of market trends. They provide essential insight as we plan long term for the direction of our business. They have been particularly useful as we quantify the size of our opportunity as discuss investment.”

Business Development
“Yes, at MRPP we generally utilise the Retail Rankings to inform the production of Retail Impact Assessments which are required in some instances by National Policy in order to demonstrate that development will not have a significant adverse impact on a town centre.”

Associate Planner
“From a Bacardi perspective, as funds are limited and will continue to be limited over the next year, we need to be more targeted with our spend, aligning to relevant projects, hence why we are looking at purchasing reports on an Ad Hoc basis.”

Category Development Manager
Trigon Snacks
“As a result of the reports, I’ve identified various additional areas of the market to consider targeting. It’s also helped shape our thinking in terms of our brand’s characteristics/USPs and direction going forwards.”

National Account Manager
HJG Solutions
“When I’m working on strategy projects or developing new concepts I always look to Mintel reports to give me great consumer insights. They are very easy to work with and keep their reports current, meaning I can be more effective in my work and successful in delivery.”

Managing Director
Lime Insurance
“We’ve used the Mintel Health insurance / consumer research that we purchased late last year frequently, especially in planning our future roadmap, Lime is very consumer focused and the report helped us craft some improved product design.”

International Cookware
“Mintel reports are always useful when it comes to understanding the market as well as our consumer. The data and insights help us formulate our business plans for the year ahead and also provide insight into the longer term terms we need to be focusing on.”

UK & Ireland Marketing Manager
Avant Money
“Reports proved very timely and informative for us in Avant Money. They helped inform on the Irish market for the Board update, but also via the UK reports gave some insight into potential future market developments. They filled a few gaps for us.”

Head of Strategic Partnerships
Consumer Council
“The off the shelf Mintel reports that we purchase from time to time have been extremely useful in supporting our consultation responses, strategy planing and decision making in areas that we have no previous research data.”

Interim Head of Energy