The Fifty

The Fifty

Fifty fascinating markets to watch.

In honour of our 50th anniversary, Mintel’s leading experts have curated an exciting new ebook. The Fifty is your trusted guide, lifting the lid on 50 fascinating markets around the world where potential gains abound. The world is evolving and consumers are changing faster than ever before. We delved into our industry-leading data and identified markets around the world that we think you should know about.

Sustainable travel (US)
61% of US travellers want to know how to travel sustainably, but only 46% feel like they know what it takes to do so.

New energy vehicles (China)
90% of Chinese current or future car owners are interested in intelligent configurations when car shopping.

Sleep management (Japan)
40% of Japanese consumers agree that improving sleep quality is time consuming.

Meat substitutes (Germany)
35% of Germans limit their meat intake all/most of the time.

Bathrooms (UK)
64% of UK consumers believe that well-designed bathrooms are important for health and wellbeing.

Flavoured milk (India)
41% of Indian consumers drink flavoured milk as a healthy way to satisfy cravings.

Pet insurance (Canada)
56% of pet owners consider their pet to be a family member, but only 15% have pet insurance.

Aromatherapy (Brazil)
53% of consumers who have an extensive skincare routine are interested in products/services that promote aromatherapy.

Salty snacks (Thailand)
77% of Thais think snacking on salty snacks is a good way to self-treat, rising to 81% of those aged 25-34.

Whether you’re looking to explore innovation across global markets or better understand how consumer demands are impacting your local market, download The Fifty now to learn more.

The Fifty