2024 Insurance Marketing Trends

2024 Insurance Marketing Trends

Mintel Comperemedia 2024 Insurance Marketing Trends
Comperemedia’s 2024 Insurance Marketing Trends are here!

Learn how insurance brands will reestablish their trust among consumers, engage with younger customers, and deploy more digital marketing in the year ahead and beyond.

This year’s trends are:

Winning Back Trust: Brands will be working hard to build consumer trust by providing more personalized products and services, offering rewards and perks, and speaking to their brand promises in order to maintain positive reputations. 

The ABCs of GenY&Z: Millennials and GenZers now represent a sizable, addressable market in the insurance industry, and while the cohort represents a diverse range of life stages, they share many similar values, especially among older GenZers and younger Millennials.

Let’s Get Digital: As insurers grapple with both elevated levels of consumer shopping and profit concerns, they have turned their attention towards digital channels in a bid to attract new prospects while not breaking the bank.

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