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Marketing data paired with expert analysis to drive your business.

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Comperemedia Omni

Comperemedia’s trusted competitive intelligence enables brands to quickly identify opportunities specific to their industry and products.

Mintel Comperemedia Direct
Big marketing data made useful.

Actionable data and marketing insights via an easy-to-use dashboard that provides your competitors’ spend, channel focus, creative examples, and targeting details – all trended over time – plus on-site alerts that highlight the most recent channel and creative shifts.

More than a database.

Our experts break down campaign activity and strategy, putting data in context to reveal the white space, best practices and innovative campaigns. All distilled into actionable insights you can drop straight into your own executions. We keep digging, so you don’t have to.
Mintel Comperemedia Omni

If you’re presenting new ideas, it’s essential they are underpinned by robust data and evidence, and rooted in fact. Mintel gives us all that. It’s a great brand and one that’s trusted by clients.

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Mintel Comperemedia Omni

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