Mintel Data Integration

Unlock the raw power of Mintel’s proprietary data.

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Mintel Data Integration

Raw Global New Products Database data – delivered in customised formats and frequencies – to meet your needs.

Mintel Data Integration
Integrate Mintel Global New Products Database data directly into your own Business Intelligence ecosystem.

By integrating Mintel data directly into your systems, you’ll have access to datasets that you can trust. Built on 50 years of experience in managing research, intelligence and analytics solutions, our data collection methods are tried and tested with rigorous attention to quality, ensuring the data you ingest is reliable, accurate and comprehensive.

Power your decision-making with the best product innovation data available.

Mintel’s Global New Products Database is the definitive source to track and analyse global product innovation in consumer packaged goods categories. With 40,000+ new products from 86 markets added each month, covering 270 subcategories, 140 product claims, 200 packaging attributes and 46,000 ingredients, our data delivers the granularity you need to make better decisions faster.
Mintel Data Integration
Mintel Data Integration
Instant access to a growing dataset of over 40 million high-quality data points.

Our current projects deliver actionable insights that empower innovation strategy, competitor tracking and merger and acquisition strategy. We understand the importance of having accurate, up-to-date data in order to make smarter, informed decisions. Accessing our data is easy. Choose Snowflake Datashare or a structured file supply (daily, weekly or monthly).

Our data and content will give you the information you need to give your project the competitive edge.

Mintel gives us a lot of extremely valuable information on how our ingredients are used in products with specific claims. That is critical for us because many of our customers change their formulations and launch new products all the time.


Mintel Data Integration

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