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David Paxton - Global Consumer Insight Manager

My job is to find key foresight and provide the inspiration based on the changing landscape and unmet consumer needs around the world.

We continually challenge ourselves to understand in depth our customers’ needs, their brands and people’s beauty aspirations worldwide to better deliver solutions that actually matter to consumers around the world.

We cannot take a ‘one size fits all’ approach either as each market adds its own unique codes and insights which requires me to work closely with global and local marketing and sales teams to ensure we gain the depth of knowledge required.

To do this we need to go beyond just the ‘what’ and spend time looking at the ‘why’.

We have always believed that beauty enriches people’s lives and so our mission has always been to reveal the power of beauty around the world for each and every person by creating solutions.

We combine our market, customer and consumer understanding with formulation competencies, customer intimacy, innovative ingredients and of course extremely high safety and quality standards around the world.

Mintel BPC, Mintel GNPD and Mintel Food & Drink

Personal care is a key pillar in the DSM portfolio, where we believe with foresight and imagination we can connect and leverage our bright science in skin, sun and hair care to craft transformational beauty care ingredients and concepts that are loved.

“Mintel BPC is used widely across the whole of the personal care business, ranging from those working in marketing to sales and R&D in every corner of the globe.
“It has been embedded as part of our ongoing marketing tools for over five years and is a key reference point for the business, including exploring GNPD to keep our finger on the pulse and reviewing Mintel Food and Drink to understand cross-category learnings.

The world is constantly changing and the personal care industry moves at a rapid rate and we need to be ahead of the curve.

With the speed of the industry, the need for sustainability, regulatory demands and the importance of local implementation comes a complexity, but a challenge we rise to.

To do that, we need to have eyes and ears in every corner and to be challenged to meet the new demand needs or trends of a market and/or a consumer. The variety of services that Mintel offers does just this.

It lets us explore our customers’ brands and product launches around the world to ensure we maintain a high level of intimacy, it helps us ensure we look at the trends that are affecting the industry so that we keep ahead of the curve, and by combining Mintel’s consumer knowledge with our own, we can ensure rigour and key cultural context for each market.

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