Uma Parameswaran

CEO, SciTech Patent Art

We have subscribed to Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) platform for the food category since 2017. At SciTech Patent Art, we use Mintel data to identify what specific new products have been launched in a technology area of interest to our clients. Such information is used in our competitive intelligence reports on a regular basis.

SciTech Patent Art

SciTech Patent Art is a global leader in patent search, technology landscaping and in building big data engineering/machine learning tools for the global IP and R&D communities. Established in 2002 with one US-based Fortune 50 client as our founding client, we now serve over 300 clients based in US, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Southeast Asia. We still serve our first Fortune 50 client, which speaks to our ability to retain clients with industry-leading services. The majority of our clients come to us through references from existing clients. Our difference lies in our technical expertise, proprietary tools that we use, and the exceptional service levels that we offer.

Mintel GNPD

With global coverage of key new products launched, Mintel GNPD is your destination for data, analysis and insight on product and packaging innovation.