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As experts in what consumers want and why, we’re best suited to accurately predict the future of consumer behaviour and what that means for companies and brands. With this in mind, we are well placed to analyse how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact markets around the world, and how changes will play out over the coming decade.

This year, we’re taking a bold approach with our predictions about the future of global consumer markets by incorporating seven key factors that drive consumer spending decisions: wellbeing, surroundings, technology, rights, identity, value, and experiences.

With insight and analysis on shifting consumer trends over the next one, five and 10 years, discover how the seven consumer drivers will evolve markets like never before.

How will you drive competitive strategy in 2020, 2025, 2030 – and beyond? Don’t miss this opportunity to stay one step ahead.


  • WELLBEING Seeking physical and mental wellness.
  • SURROUNDINGS Feeling connected to the external environment.
  • TECHNOLOGY Finding solutions through technology in the physical and digital worlds.
  • RIGHTS Feeling respected, protected, and supported.
  • IDENTITY Understanding and expressing oneself and one’s place in society.
  • VALUE Finding tangible, measurable benefits from investments.
  • EXPERIENCES Seeking and discovering stimulation.