The Future of Facial Skincare

The Future of Facial Skincare

Mintel Keynote Speech At In-Cosmetics Asia 2022

Skin as an active ecosystem, waterless beauty and engineered ingredients will be at the forefront of future skincare trends in the next 2 years. Technology will drive prescriptive and predictive beauty.

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The key opportunities:
For companies and brands, grounded in three Mintel consumer drivers.

Wellbeing (Psychological) Driver:
How consumers are driven to invest in products and services that help them to remain calm and avoid stress.

Surroundings (Sustainability) Driver:
To explore how consumers are acting in ways that are not harmful to the environment, embracing brands that aim to reduce waste, protect the environment or improve living conditions.

Value (Quality) Driver:
Looking at consumers’ willingness to pay more for products of a higher quality.

The Future of Facial Skincare