Flavourscape AI

Flavourscape AI

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Faster, more robust flavour innovation

  • Get an instant overview of the flavours used in a market and category, helping you quickly assess flavour growth and penetration
  • Compare the flavour landscape of multiple markets and categories, enabling you to identify gaps and potential opportunities
  • Explore how flavour combinations are used to elevate and differentiate products allowing you to fine-tune your innovation and align with current trends

Accelerate your flavour innovation with confidence

  • Our global shopper network collects new products from 86 markets around the world
  • Millions of meaningful data points from these products are continuously added, cleaned and structured within our Global New Product Database, making it the perfect platform to track product innovation
  • Our Flavour Landscape Engine (FLE) transforms the data using three proprietary algorithms, making it easy to pinpoint the flavour trends most relevant to your market
  • You get the answers you need faster: the tools to quickly identify new flavour trends, understand the prevalence and momentum of existing flavour trends, and seamlessly compare markets and categories