Understand the market

Using a combination of point of sale data, consumer research and competitor analysis, we provide an encyclopedic view of the market, its size and segmentation.

Know your consumer

Meticulous, accurate and rigorous, our proprietary research pinpoints exactly what consumers want, what they need and what influences their purchase decisions.

your market size

Learn the size of your market and who owns the share.

new opportunities

Understand what will drive future growth and where there might be opportunities and obstacles.

the future

Know who is deviating from industry norms to create what’s next.


Engage with clients at a higher, more strategic level.

Who is it for

Category Management

  • Find what influences consumer purchasing habits across categories
  • Gather market data to support retail conversations
  • Track new launches and product positioning

Consumer Insights

  • Learn about new consumer group
  • Benchmark primary consumer findings
  • Study buyer behavior

R&D / New Product Development

  • Brainstorm new ideas and develop initial concepts
  • Access individual category performance
  • Identify lasting versus short-lived trends

Marketing / Advertising

  • Understand cross-category trends
  • Provide Sales and R&D supporting evidence for launches or pitches
  • Identify creative and effective advertising campaigns


  • Quickly understand category development
  • Align sales strategy with new market and consumer trends
  • Get sales team up to speed efficiently

Legal / M&A / Business Development

  • Know where you and your competition stand in the industry
  • Understand the overall industry and where it may be heading over the next 5 years
  • Find merger / acquisition opportunities

What our clients say

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“The way in which the reports are presented means you can jump straight to the sections that are most relevant to you…”

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“Mintel helps us when we want to know something quickly – it provides fast answers to our questions…”

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“It’s a brilliant way to get up to speed with what’s going on, what’s changing and what the key trends are in any category…”