Our Culture

Mintel’s purpose is to help people and businesses grow.

Our Culture and Values

We have a strong, people-centred culture. People matter to us. Understanding them as individuals and helping them grow their careers is what makes our business thrive. It’s the first thing everyone says about Mintel – it’s the people. Our teams talk about how friendly and kind their colleagues are and our clients feel the same way about us. We are a community of growth-minded individuals with strong work ethics who strive to go above and beyond what is required. It’s how we ensure that our clients are getting the very best from us.

Our values are the guiding principles that shape every aspect of our business. They define the attitudes and behaviours that we cultivate in ourselves and one another. We look for quality in all aspects of our work – our focus on quality is uncompromising. We are a globally diverse and highly collaborative community that seeks out new and different perspectives. We support and rely on each other, our clients and our partners to sharpen our skill sets and make us better at our jobs. We are open, straightforward and transparent in everything we do. We are entrepreneurial, take responsibility and embrace the future with enthusiasm.

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We are a collective of brilliant minds – individuals who can tell you all about the chemical makeup of a laundry detergent or offer strategic advice on how to position a new product in an emerging market. We are an inquisitive community of futurists, strategists, philosophers, scientists, engineers and creatives. No matter what the task is, we’ll likely begin by asking, ‘What and why?’

Innovative Products

Our products combine deep datasets, AI, predictive analytics, unique perspectives and trustworthy insights – the likes of which are unparalleled across the industry. Whether it’s understanding consumers, markets, products or competitors, we’re the experts with the recommendations that enable better, faster decision-making for our clients.

Professional Growth

Helping people grow is so important to us that we’ve made it our purpose. Our training and development programme is more than just skills learning; it’s all the ways we support employees in their current roles, prepare them for the next step, and encourage them to chase opportunities within the business, wherever their career path may lead them.


We strive to create a workplace that reflects the diverse communities around us and those represented in our research. We value diverse talent and unique perspectives as they drive sustainable success for our business and people. Mintel Diversity is committed to working with our employee resource groups (ERGs) to foster a culture where everyone feels respected, valued and empowered.


We believe everyone has a role to play in caring for one another, so much so that we encourage employees to support organisations that matter to them by giving them additional paid time off for volunteering. Through Mintel Gives, we facilitate the charitable giving of time and financial resources with a focus on social equality, the environment, mentorship and education, health and wellness, and local communities.


Our employees empower one another in forging a workplace community that supports well-being through fitness, work-life balance, mindfulness and nutrition. We define wellness as the crossroads between physical, mental and social well-being. Whether it’s a running club, knitting group, mindful eating workshop or burpee challenge, we prioritise wellness for the whole person.

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Our Story

Founded in 1972 by entrepreneurs looking to provide better market intelligence to the industry.


We support growth opportunities in wellness, education, human rights, sustainability and small businesses.

Careers at Mintel

We are hiring all over the world and would love to learn more about you and what you can bring to Mintel.