Our Story

Mintel’s past has always been about the future.

Our founders established the business in 1972 “to show how markets have become what they are and where they are likely to go”. A lot has changed in the 50 years since. But that ambition remains the same. We’re still using our expert market knowledge to help clients understand the forces shaping their industries. We’re still offering original insights that bring new strategic direction to their business.

The difference today is in how and where we do it.

As the world’s leading market intelligence agency, we’re now about much more than market research. Every month we cover 40,000 product launches in 86 of the world’s leading economies. We speak to over 1 million consumers across 4 continents and track the movements of more than 270 fast-moving consumer goods subcategories across the world. With a combination of world-class syndicated tools and custom insight solutions, over the years we’ve built unrivalled experience, expertise and insight.

We’ve been early adopters of new technologies and methodologies, from data science to artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms. And we work with the very best partners and employ the very best people – 1,300 of them worldwide, drawn from 48 nationalities and speaking 37 different languages. Together, we help more than 5,000 businesses understand how their markets have become what they are, where they are heading next and – most importantly – how they can best react. It’s what’s made us the experts in what consumers want and why.

Mintel Timeline

1972 – The first Market Intelligence report is published
1996 – Launch of Mintel GNPD
1997 – Mintel goes online
1998 – Chicago office is opened
1999 – Launch of Comperemedia
2000 – Sydney office is opened
2001 – The first US reports are published
2007 – Launch of Mintel GNPD IRIS
2008 – Shanghai office is opened
2008 – Tokyo office is opened
2008 – Launch of Beauty Innovation
2009 – Launch of Global Market Navigator
2010 – Launch of Mintel Food and Drink
2011 – Launches of Mintel Beauty and Personal Care
2012 – The first Chinese and Brazilian reports are published
2012 – Launch of Mintel Household and Personal Care
2012 – Mumbai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur offices are opened
2013 – Launches of Mintel Reports Brazil
2013 – São Paulo office is opened
2013 – Launch of Mintel Futures
2014 – Launch of Mintel Reports Canada
2014 – Toronto office is opened
2015 – Munich office is opened
2015 – Launch of Mintel ePerformance
2016 – Launch of Mintel Purchase Intelligence
2016 – Seoul office is opened
2017 – Bangkok office is opened
2018 – Launch of Interactive Databooks
2018 – Launch of Mintel Reports India
2019 – Mintel increases product coverage to 86 markets
2019 – Mintel increases syndicated consumer research to 36 markets
2019 – Launch of Mintel Reports Germany and Mintel Reports Thailand
2019 – Düsseldorf office is opened
2019 – Launch of Comperemedia Omni
2019 – Mintel grows to more than 1000 employees globally
2020 – Launch of COVID-19 consumer research
2020 – Launch of Mintel Global Consumer
2021 – Launch of Mintel Reports Japan
2021 – Launch of Mintel’s Employee Resource Groups
2022 – Launch of Mintel Data Integrations
2022 – Mintel turns 50!
2023 – Launch of Mintel Leap


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