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Comperemedia Direct

Discover campaign and marketing strategy insights based on who your competitors are targeting across the US and Canada.

Mintel Comperemedia Direct
What is Direct?

Detailed analysis and insight on acquisition strategies, pricing, targeted offers and product introductions from rolling and lifecycle panels.

Comperemedia Direct’s analytic tools allow you to visualise the data, so you can benchmark the competition and understand how you measure against it. Our competitive intelligence for your competitive advantage.

Dig in, level up

Ensure messaging, creative, targeting, pricing, and overall strategy is strong and backed by competitive data to steer decision-making in order to drive the highest success from their mail investment.

Our product-specific fields can aggregate data by pricing, channel, demographic or any of the other data points we capture, so you can pinpoint the offers that matter to you. Big on data, huge on insight.
Mintel Comperemedia Direct

In the end, a large set of data is only as good as the quality it provides. Mintel’s services deliver an extensive library of industries while offering in-depth coverage of key performances and consumer behaviors.


Mintel Comperemedia Direct

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