Green, Clean and Natural - New Lifestyles for Thai Consumers

Green, Clean and Natural – New Lifestyles for Thai Consumers

New lifestyles for Thai consumers in a post-COVID-19-era.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Thai consumers to refocus and realign their values. Consumers are placing more emphasis on improving their health and wellbeing as well as improving the external environment, which reflects in growing interest towards products that are eco-ethical.

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  • Food and Drink session: consumers’ concerns about the environment is fuelling interest in plant-based diets. The plant-based food and drinks have been positioned as a clean and a natural remedy to improve one’s overall wellness and will likely continue to enjoy the health halo in the long term. In this session, we will explore challenges, consumer motivations and opportunities facing plant-based food and drink products.
  • Beauty and Personal Care session: Clean lifestyle is not limited to a single category but it is a whole lifestyle adoption of clean living where consumers sought high-quality products that are better for the world. As consumers prioritise their health, the clean food trend has gained traction, fueling the clean beauty movement in Thailand.

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Green, Clean and Natural - New Lifestyles for Thai Consumers