2022 US Foodservice Trends

2022 US Foodservice Trends

Three trends set to impact the US foodservice landscape in 2022.

As the experts in what consumers want and why Mintel is best suited to accurately predict the future of consumer behaviour and what that means for foodservice brands.

Looking ahead to 2022, our market trend analysis and prediction research are grounded by observations of the key drivers of consumer behaviour and backed by Mintel’s robust data sets. In 2022, expect consumer behavior across the foodservice landscapes to shift and evolve in response to the following global consumer trends:

Resetting the table
Expectations for convenience accelerated by the pandemic are fueling a long-term shift in how consumers source food and drink.

The Tipping Point
The US labor crisis is forcing a reconsideration of what employment looks like in the hospitality industry.

Appetite for Change
The breadth of plant-based offerings in US restaurants will create a ripple effect of sustainability across foodservice, eventually resulting in environmental considerations becoming an integral part of operators’ ideology.

The combination of consumer and market data, predictive analytics, action-oriented insights and expert recommendations is an innovative approach that’s uniquely Mintel. We put everything into context to better understand what the consumer and business trends mean for—and how it could inspire—our clients’ business decisions across sectors, demographics, and amid global themes and times of uncertainty.

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2022 US Foodservice Trends