The Food and Drink Landscape 2023: Asia Pacific

The Food and Drink Landscape 2023: Asia Pacific

The latest market research, innovation insights and consumer trends from across the Asia Pacific food and drink industry.

Discover the latest report by Mintel, where our regional food and drink experts have identified three crucial areas for brands to thrive. Stay ahead of the game with our latest report featuring key insights and trends shaping the food and drink industry.

Gain Valuable Knowledge: Unlock market intelligence specific to the Asia Pacific region, empowering manufacturers and brands to adapt and thrive.

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Silver Economy: Meeting the needs of an aging population

  • Exploring opportunities in the snacking category for older consumers
  • Insights on senior nutrition and its impact

Staying Sharp: Focus, energy, and brain health

  • Discover the benefits of “brain water” for children’s cognitive function
  • Key ingredients to watch for enhancing mental sharpness

Unguilty Pleasures 2.0: Elevating indulgence to new heights

  • Delve into the world of candy-flavored soda drinks for double the enjoyment
  • Uncover the potential of after-dark snacking for Gen Zs

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The Food and Drink Landscape 2023: Asia Pacific