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The ripple effect

When you have a strong sense of purpose, you see it trickle into every area of your life. We are a company that seeks out individuals that have a deep motivation for what you do.

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Making a difference

We are driven to make an impact where it matters—in our jobs, our communities and ourselves.
Mintel Careers Our Impact Caring for the Planet
Caring for the planet
In 2022, we partnered with 71 non-profit organizations worldwide, organized multiple fundraisers for health awareness, cycled for crisis victims, offered internship and mentoring opportunities with local schools and many more community engagement projects. Mintel also participated in various monetary donation matching initiatives to amplify our employees’ positive impact in our local and global communities.
Mintel Careers Our Impact Providing Opportunity
Providing opportunity
While executing our growth expansion plan in Belfast, we had the opportunity to give back to the community by providing practical experience for undergraduate-degree level students who have completed their second year in a technology-related degree. We introduced a 12-month paid Industrial Placement program in January 2022 for three students, starting their placement in July 2022.
Mintel Careers Our Impact Giving Women in Business a Voice
Giving women in business a voice
We continue to look for ways that we can help break the biases—both consciously and unconsciously—and remedy things that can hold women back from success at home and in the workplace. Of course, imagining a world where men and women are equal is one thing, but tangible steps are necessary to ensure that we are actively creating the world we want to see.

Whether it is understanding our consumers, markets, products or competitors, we’re the experts with the recommendations that enable faster, better decision-making for our clients.

“It is such a luxury to be able to read about and create new ideas about the future of food and drink, ideas that are really going to help our clients to move to the next level.”

Jonny Forsyth
Associate Director, Mintel Food and Drink
Jonny Forsyth

What our clients are saying

It’s very rare now that anyone will plough through a 200-page report – that’s why the summaries are really useful. We know they are backed up by a lot of detail, so if you need to go into something in more depth you know the information will be all there for you.

Pauline Robson – Director, Real World Insight

The thing I love about the reports is that they don’t just throw data at you, there is always some dialogue about how Mintel think a category will perform in the future or the type of innovation they feel could invigorate the market.

Ayisha Koyenikan – Product Research Manager, TESCO Food Academy

We also use Mintel to inform our thinking and reinforce strategy. If you’re presenting new ideas, it’s essential they are underpinned by robust data and evidence, and clearly rooted in fact. Mintel gives us all that. It’s a great brand and one that is trusted by clients.

Marie Stafford – European Director, The Innovation Group

For the greater good

Mintel Gives strives to bring together individuals and teams from across Mintel’s global offices who care about the world around them with a desire to positively affect our communities at large by focusing on four major areas of giving:

Mintel Gives

Giving back to the communities where we live and work is an integral part of our culture. To date, Mintel Gives has partnered with over 100 local, national and international charities.