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Your well-being matters

Our definition of wellness is the crossroads between physical, mental and social well-being.

We recognize that each employee has their own set of unique needs on a daily basis, so it is important that we listen and act to support these.

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How does Mintel support your well-being?

Mintel offers a wonderful work-life balance, which allows me to pursue new interests after work. Having understanding and supportive team members and ERGs reminds me that there is always a safe place and that you are not alone.

Sainethra Hariharan, Client Success Manager – South APAC

Bryan Flowers

Mintel has provided me the opportunity to grow not only professionally, but personally. Everyone is encouraged to bring their authentic self to the table so we can continue to elevate what we are capable of. The focus has always been on quality of work, not quantity.

Bryan Flowers, Senior Recruiter – AMERS

Priya Raju

As a global company, Mintel has provided me with countless opportunities to develop personally and professionally. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel, learn and interact with people across the globe. As a new mum, Mintel also provides flexibility and support to help balance my work and family life perfectly.

Priya Raju, Marketing Manager, South APAC

Mintel Wellness

The Mintel Wellness Committee was created by Mintel employees for Mintel employees. We strive to empower one another in forging a workplace community that supports our well-being across four pillars of wellness: fitness, work-life balance, mindfulness and nutrition.

What is work-life balance?

How do we draw the line between things like work, family, school and other priorities and do it well? We feel it is necessary for our mental health to put things in place to allow ourselves to take a break.
Mintel Careers Wellness Work Life Balance
Mintel Careers Wellness Focus on Flexibility
A focus on flexibility

It is important to us to foster a creative and flexible workplace that meets the various needs of our very different employees around the world.

We value in-person time together and believe it curates a stronger culture which is why we have adopted a hybrid work environment. If you are local to one of the global offices, you will work a hybrid schedule according to that region. This allows every employee to work at home, but also gives them the opportunity to take advantage of collaborating with others.

We maintain standard work hours in our offices, however, we offer flexible start and end times per manager approval.

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