From: December 3, 2019
To: December 5, 2019

Join us at Food Ingredients Europe to obtain key insights, discover some of the most innovative products in the Food and Drink industry and network with our expert analysts.

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Each day our Mintel expert analysts will deliver presentations on some of the hottest topics. You can also stop by to explore our innovation zone where you will be able to feel, touch and try some of the most innovative products, carefully selected by our experts.

2030 Global Food and Drink Trends

Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th at 11:00 – 11:20

Over the next one, five and 10 years, the global food and drink industry will experience change like never before as new and evolving consumer needs, behaviours and purchase preferences shift markets around the world. What trends will shape the evolution of the food and drink market and what opportunities will they present for manufacturers, companies and brands?

Know Your Neighbours: The beauty and personal care industries can inspire fresh perspectives on innovation for food and drink brands

Tuesday 3rd & Thursday 5th at 12:00 – 12:20
Wednesday 4th at 14:15 – 14:35

To identify the next big thing in food and drink, you don’t look in food and drink. The beauty and personal care markets offer a wealth of innovation inspiration to food and drink manufacturers… and not just collagen!

Alex Beckett, Mintel Associate Director of Food & Drink, looks at a few hot beauty and personal care ideas which could make the jump from the makeup bag and medicine cabinet to the kitchen fridge. This discussion will stretch the imagination for food & drink and beauty & personal care producers.

Blurred lines: Food & drink innovation blurs with beauty and personal care

Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th at 15:45 – 16:05
Thursday 5th: part of the Know Your Neighbours presentation at 12:00

A live sampling session of some of the more innovative products from Mintel’s presentations earlier in the day. Check out some fascinating products which blur the boundaries between food, beauty and personal care, and try some of the most innovative launches in the sports nutrition sector.

Is clean label the future of sports nutrition? 

Tuesday 3rd & Thursday 5th at 14:15 – 14:35
Wednesday 4th at 12:00 – 12:20

Sports nutrition has rapidly evolved from an elite athlete-only performance aids sector into a booming, active-lifestyle focused industry. Rick Miller, Dietitian and Associate Director for Specialised Nutrition at Mintel, unveils how the future of sports nutrition lies in its ability to merge cutting-edge, performance science with clean label, consumer-focused solutions. This session will cover the breadth of the latest research, including a look at the power of new technologies, such as blockchain, which are enhancing the future of the industry.

Where can functional fibres thrive in food and drink?

Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th at 15:00 – 15:20

How does consumer interest in fibre fit within their wider interest in ‘better for you’ attributes? Where are fibres currently being used in food and drink? From digestive health, to ‘the fibre gap’ and sugar reduction, we highlight key opportunities for fibres in the forthcoming years.

What’s next for plant-based diets? Opportunities and challenges for producers 

Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th at 13:30 – 13:50

Consumers across the globe are embracing plant-based diets, and the food industry has reacted with a wave of plant-based innovations, catering to vegans, dairy-avoiders and flexitarians. But what’s next for the plant-based trend? And how can brands keep up with increasingly demanding consumers asking for natural, minimally processed products that cater for their health and do no harm to the planet?


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What’s next for sugar reduction in Europe? – 3rd December at 11:30 | Discovery Theatre
By Emma Schofield, Senior Analyst – Global Food Science

Food and drink producers across Europe continue to embrace the sugar reduction trend, driven in part by pressure from health departments who seek to curb the rise of dietary related disease like obesity. Consumers in Europe are keen to reduce the amount of sugar they consume, but sugar reduction does not come without challenges for the food industry. This presentation looks at consumer opinions towards ingredients used to deliver sugar reduction. Which types of ‘sugar’ claim are trending in food and drink, and which claims are of interest to consumers?

Focus on protein – 3rd December at 14:15 | Master Class
By Caroline Roux, Global Food & Drink Analyst

With the growing popularity of plant-based food, consumers are building awareness and interest in different types of protein. To stay relevant to consumers, and fit into their changing eating habits, dairy brands need to update their message. Although consumers eat/drink dairy for its protein content, not all of them are looking for a high content. Products with better/high-quality protein can appeal to consumers who think that their balanced diet already provides the amount of protein their body needs.

Cutting edge sports nutrition – 4th December at 14:15 | Discovery Theatre
By Rick Miller, Associate Director – Specialised Nutrition

Sports nutrition industry has transformed. From the humble beginnings of athlete-only offerings to mainstream, ‘active lifestyle’ products, sports nutrition is not just for the elite anymore. Brands have cleverly drawn on its established, scientific base to widen the possibilities for novel ingredients and formulations to enhance daily life as opposed to just sports performance. The future landscape is clean, trustworthy and transparent. As consumers want to know about their product, processes such as blockchain become a natural partner in creating trust and innovating collaborations with healthcare professionals paves the way for products that suit healthier, more active lives.

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