Joyce Lam
Joyce is a Senior Trends Analyst at Mintel, focusing on capturing consumer behaviour for the Asia Pacific market, as well as supporting the global Mintel Trends team to identify new consumer trends.

Earlier this year, soft drink brand Sprite extended its healthy product line-up in China with the launch of Sprite Coconut.

Sprite Coconut leverages the concept of adding real juice and is said to contain 2.5% of coconut water and zero sugar.

Sprite Coconut’s blend of coconut and soda creates a refreshing tropical feel for consumers. The new product is part of a portfolio of innovative drink products that enhances the brand’s refreshing image.

Sprite Coconut

Chinese consumers are becoming more cautious about their well-being and, as a result, are making more informed choices with it comes to what they are consuming.

Beyond seeking options with less sugar and fewer calories, they now prefer healthier food and drink products that contain natural ingredients or provide additional nutrition. Indeed, Mintel research reveals that over half of urban Chinese soft drink consumers say that they pay attention to ingredients when buying the beverage.

Brands have leveraged this trend for product and service innovation that can help consumers achieve their health goals and maintain their overall well-being.

The same is happening globally, not just in food and drink but across industries. Finnish wearable sports and fitness technology brand, Polar, launched a budget-priced GPS smartwatch that offers workout suggestions based on people’s quality of sleep. Meanwhile, Lululemon has opened its biggest store ever in Chicago, IL, USA, which includes workout classes, a restaurant and meditation spaces.

What we think

Companies and brands across industries will face increased challenges from changing consumer lifestyles that place greater emphasis on health and wellness. It is important for businesses to know that even among health-conscious consumers, their needs are diversified according to different dietary, fitness and lifestyle concepts to which they subscribe. This creates opportunities for companies and brands to innovate and deliver multiple customised offerings that can best address specific well-being needs for various consumer profiles.