Emily Groch
Emily Groch is Mintel Comperemedia’s Director of Insights, Telecommunications, providing omni-channel marketing analysis and competitive insights to telecom providers.

Home security and home automation direct marketing efforts almost unanimously use phrases like “peace of mind” and “safety”. Many marketers of home security and automation services, however, are now incorporating a secondary message of simplification, as the advanced technology of their products helps their customers streamline control over their homes. Now, it’s not only the alarm system that can be operated remotely, but also thermostats, door locks, lights and more.

The evolution of home security products exemplifies a growing trend identified by Mintel’s consumer trend experts:  the consumer desire for faster solutions to their problems, which results in technology that answers those problems, and in turn, the desire for even faster solutions. By allowing the consumer to easily perform multiple security functions, all from a mobile device, home security and automation providers address the desire for faster solutions that enable consumers to save energy and better protect their homes.

Many home security providers are direct about how their services can help “streamline” or “simplify” the consumer’s home management, or even their life. For example, in recent emails for its Pulse Home Automation, ADT invited the prospect to “see how Pulse solutions can streamline your home management,” and directed them to view video tutorials about the product. In direct mail, Comcast explained, “XFINITY Home gives you a total home security and control solution that simplifies your life.”

In another recent mailer, AT&T went beyond verbiage to creatively illustrate how their product, Digital Life, can help consumers unclutter their lives. The campaign included an image of eleven sticky note reminders displaying tasks such as “shut off the water,” “start the slow cooker,” and “arm the alarm.” The outer envelope stated, “Unstick yourself,” inviting prospects to “take care of home from virtually anywhere with AT&T Digital Life.” The sticky note theme was carried through to the offer letter, which featured three notes announcing “$100 Instant Savings,” “FREE standard professional installation,” and “a LIFETIME equipment warranty.”

Evolving home security and automation products have addressed the desire for faster solutions that enable consumers to save energy and better protect their homes. As Mintel’s trend experts have noted, when improved technology allows consumers to solve their problems faster, it leads to a demand for even faster solutions. Undoubtedly, the many conveniences of home automation available today are just a start—soon smart appliances that can be controlled remotely will also become commonplace.

As the technology evolves, so too will the messaging about the products. In fact, as more of our home appliances and energy sources can be controlled while away from home, we may see a greater need for home security providers to emphasize a different kind of security—cybersecurity. Security products need not only protect against physical attacks on homes, but also system hackings. Providers of home security products will likely need to convince skeptical consumers that while they are enjoying the convenience of streamlined services, they are also getting the most fundamental part of the service—safety.

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Emily Disher is Mintel Comperemedia’s telecommunications thought leader, specializing in competitive trends across wireless, TV, Internet and home security industries.