4 key trends spotted at Anuga 2021

November 15, 2021
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Mintel  Food and Drink Analysts Olivia Placzek (left) and Hanna Mansour (right)

In compliance with the current COVID-19 regulations, this year’s Anuga, the world’s largest food and drink trade show, took place as a virtual and in-person event in Cologne. Mintel Germany’s analysts Olivia Placzek and Hanna Mansour have picked 4 key topics that align with Mintel Trends. Here, they explain the trend drivers and showcase innovative products they spotted at Anuga.

More meatless

In alignment with the Mintel Trend “Power to the Plants”, a fifth of German consumers say that plant- based food and drink products have become more appealing as a result of COVID-19. A finding that bodes well for manufacturers of meat and dairy alternatives. At Anuga 2021, many brands showed the willingness to dive further into classic, meaty dishes that are at the heart of traditional international cuisines, such as sausage rolls and soya mince-filled filo pastry. Aside from traditional dishes, manufacturers seem to have taken on a new challenge: the development of fish alternatives, often based on pulses such as soy and fava beans and seasoned with algaes  to achieve the distinctive taste of fish. 

Garden Gourmet Thun-Visch aus Erbsen- und Weizenprotein (Tuna Substitute from Pea & Wheat Protein) is a tuna flavoured vegan product from pea protein and wheat protein, and is described as 0% fish with 100% flavour. It is made from plant-based ingredients with no preservatives, and is rich in protein. It can be consumed cold or warm in salads, wraps, sandwiches or pasta.

Functional benefits for body and mind

Equally amplified by COVID-19, many innovations on display at the conference promised functional benefits for both body and mind. From ‘beautifying’ gummy bears to sleep promoting drinks – the portfolio of functional drink and food contained many surprising innovations. 

Beauty Sweeties Matcha-Sonnen (Matcha Suns) are described as fruit gums made with ingredients from natural sources including matcha green tea, fruits, co-enzyme Q10, aloe vera and biotin, and with 20% fruit juice. The vegan product consists of the following three flavours: Matcha & Orange; Matcha & Lemon; and Matcha & Apple. It is free from gluten, fat, lactose, animal gelatin, artificial flavours, preservatives and artificial colourings, and retails in a 125g pack bearing the Vegan V-Label seal from the European Vegetarian Union.

Healthy snacking 

While many were bound to their homes in the past year, snacks have offered some kind of enjoyment throughout the day, with more than 2 in 5 Germans saying they have eaten snacks to treat themselves. Brands are therefore tapping into the trend of the majority of European consumers trying mostly to choose healthy snacks over unhealthy ones. From smaller portion-sized snacks to those expanding into free-from categories and offering more nutritional value, many new snack formats were presented at Anuga. 

Sigdal Bakeri Knækbrød Sport (Sport Crispbread) is described as a Norwegian crispbread based on seeds, kernels and wholegrains, that’s perfect as a tasty snack alone or on the breakfast and dinner table with different types of cold cuts or with dips. The 100% natural and vegan product contains 45% seeds and kernels and 12.7% dietary fiber, and is said to be a source of protein. 

Hemp – the new superfood 

Hemp has many benefits on offer. In particular hemp seeds are known to be rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, which is probably contributing to their newly found popularity. 

Superfood Drink Super Hanf Cannabis Quitte Drink (Super Hemp Cannabis Quince Drink) is made with Cannabis sativa seed extract, which is said to be a wonder plant due to its numerous vital nutrients. This 100% natural and lightly sparkling product is low in calories providing only 56kcal, is free from added sugar, and is suitable for vegans. According to the manufacturer, each sold bottle helps support social initiatives for people in need.

What we think 

While mental and physical wellbeing has taken temporary priority over sustainability as a result of the ongoing pandemic, for many sustainability may not have been front of mind during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, it will undoubtedly receive greater priority going forward. Mintel predicts that this will result in more local innovations with sustainable ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and a further rise in dairy and meat alternatives. 

If you’re a client and wish to read Hanna’s and Olivia’s full report on Anuga, click here. If you’re not a client and want to find out more about Mintel research, we invite you to get in touch with us here or to visit the Mintel Store. 

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