Disruptive brands find unique ways to stay on trend in Latin America

March 7, 2022
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Mintel has examined several brands that are setting themselves apart through the lens of Mintel’s 2022 Global Consumer Trends. Disruptive brands are attracting the attention of consumers and companies alike by tapping into unmet consumer needs. Successful disruptive brands have even established their own categories, which is why they are important to monitor.

The pandemic, financial crisis, and increasing polarization in 2020-21 have caused Latin American consumers to form new behaviors, attitudes, and values. Mintel’s 2022 Global Consumer Trends recognize these shifts and share predictions on how brands can prepare for upcoming evolutions in consumer behavior.

As such, the 2022 Trends provide a strong foundation to explore some of the brands that are disrupting the food and drink, beauty and personal care, and household spaces in Latin America.

Healthy diet goals are driving food disruption

In times of uncertainty, consumers crave a sense of agency over their lives. The pandemic has exacerbated some health issues and has brought about a renewed focus on healthy eating. Disruptive food and drink brands in Latin America are helping consumers feel empowered to make confident decisions that protect their health.

Chilean food-tech, The Live Green Co., claims to make ‘plant-only foods’ that are nutrient-dense and free from additives, allergens, gluten, cholesterol, and trans fats. This is possible because of the company, Charaka – a tech platform with a database of local ingredients with global certifications of quality.

The Live Green Co.’s next goal is to set up a US headquarters and scale through the licensing of product formulations to retailers and food manufacturers. Mexico’s Sigma has invested a minority stake in The Live Green Co, and has pilot-tested its Charaka engine.

Disruptive BPC brands are combating stress through self-care rituals

Feelings of stress and financial insecurity have heightened during the pandemic resulting in consumers seeking comfort and joy according to Mintel’s 2022 Global Consumer Trend ‘Enjoyment Everywhere.’ Disruptive BPC brands are offering products that promote enjoyable experiences while helping to ease emotional and financial stress.

However, with new products and ingredients introduced, consumers can find it difficult to know what works for them. Enhanced ingredient sourcing information or partnerships with trusted experts can help consumers feel they are making the right choices for their bodies and minds.

In Argentina, ACF by Dadatina is a collaboration with trusted beauty influencer, Daniela Lopez. This collaboration is designed to offer budget-friendly, high-quality skincare solutions that are made in the country. Affordability is key to Argentine consumers as the country is among the five markets with the highest inflation rate in the world.

Homecare disruption is driven by inside-and-out climate-friendly solutions

As mentioned in Mintel’s 2022 Global Consumer Trend ‘Climate Complexity,’ growing awareness of the environmental decline in the region will drive Latin American consumers to look for companies that provide them with climate-friendly choices and guidance around how to make climate-friendly purchase decisions.

In Latin America, eco-friendly packaging and recycling have been important areas of focus for household products with ethical and environmental claims. Some household brands are standing out with new inside-and-out sustainable propositions that cover plastic waste and the water crisis. This is critical because the pandemic has led to the surge of plastics and packaging and stoppages at recycling facilities. The crisis has also exacerbated the need to promote water co.

Chile’s coastline takes up much of the country’s landscape, so biodegradability is very important to consumers as it relates to the protection of the ocean. A female-owned B Corp Freemet’s certified biodegradable formulas make water protection and human health front their main focus. It has a patented formula for a biodegradable detergent that neutralizes heavy metals that are present in water and that can enter the skin.

What consumers think

Disruptive brands are finding new ways to help consumers regain control of their health and wellness. The pandemic has led many Latin American consumers to be more proactive about their physical and mental health as a way to not only fight disease but to deal with stress. Some brands are finding unique ways to promote healthy eating by offering cleaner product labels and nutritional information. Others are empowering consumers to tackle stress by making beauty rituals more affordable, mindful, and enjoyable.

What we think

Empower consumers to be ‘In Control’ 

In times of uncertainty, consumers are looking to make confident decisions that put their health first. In the food and drink space, disruptive brands are launching plant-based food with clean labels, good-for-you frozen snacks, and highly accessible nutrition.

Promote ‘Enjoyment Everywhere’

Emotional and financial stress is creating a need for experiences that let consumers enjoy the moment. Disruptive BPC brands are finding unique ways to let consumers find comfort and joy while staying on top of their budgets, mental health, and specific needs.

Help navigate ‘Climate Complexity’

Growing awareness of environmental decline will drive consumers to look for climate-friendly choices and guidance. A number of household brands are standing out with entirely sustainable cleaning solutions that tackle both the packaging waste emergency and water crisis.

Graciana Méndez
Graciana Méndez

Graciana is a Senior Regional Consumer Insights Analyst for Latin America at Mintel. She is responsible for developing research plans, analyzing consumer and market data, writing research reports on how consumer trends are evolving in the region and presenting insights to clients.

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