Tapping into the fever of 2012 US elections: US Election marketing opportunities

November 7, 2012
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One of my duties as Mintel Research Co-ordinator for the beauty and personal care division is monitoring new product launches in some of the major beauty markets, such as the UK, USA and France. Each month my team collate examples of the latest product innovation, ingredients and packaging and I am very often amazed by how creative brands can be. It looks like inspiration for product innovation can come from anything, from sports events to festivities. This year, for example, brands couldn’t miss the opportunity to capitalise on one of the most talked-about global events, the US Presidential Elections.

Indeed, some brands have jumped on the political bandwagon this year with marketing campaigns inspired by the US Elections. Others are tapping into the fever by launching new consumer products purported to encourage voters to not only – possibly – head to their polling station, but also to show their preferences – or poke fun at the candidates. Here are some examples picked up from Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD).

  • The makers of beauty brand Bliss could have created a new term, “Political Pampering”. Their scented 2012 ‘Eau’-lection Body Lotion, which was initially set to handed at U.S. party conventions only, or as a gift for purchase, is now also available for retail at $6, in two varieties: a blue “O’bama”, and a red “Mint Romney”.

US Election marketing opportunities

  • A collectible walking candy dispenser – Political Poopers – is marketed as “the must-have collector’s item for the 2012 Presidential race to the White House”. The wind-up figurine dispenser is also retailed in two versions, one for each major candidate.

  • A hotel chain has launched a political-themed, “Pick Your Party” package. Guests can choose from a Republican- or Democratic – themed one-bedroom suite, selected DVDs to watch, a tour of Washington D.C., political “swag bag”, and cocktails such as the Balanced Budget or the Lobbyist.

  • Back in 2008, products featured on the GNPD included Sarah’s Kickin Mooseburger Helper Mac & Cheese, a bottle of French champagne repackaged with an American flag design, and a Lip Gloss in “Sarah’s Pink” or “Obama” Berry shades.

US Election marketing opportunities

  • Another nation, another way of displaying political opinions. In May 2012, in France, the picture of one of the refrigerated displays of a supermarket became viral, just before the next resident of the Palais de l’Élysees was nominated. The picture shows packs of camembert cheese of the “President” brand deliberately stacked next to “Flanby” desserts – French Internauts have nicknamed François Hollande, who was yet to be elected at the time, after the caramel flan.

Not only Politics. Product innovation and celebrities

The Cult of Celebrity is explored in a recent Mintel trend analysis piece, and while the naming of consumer products after “celebs” is an ever-growing trend, politicians are not left untouched by the craze.

May the best scent or flavour win… and, if some of you are wondering, yes, one of the major U.S. candidates even has an – unofficial – eponymous fragrance.

Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD) monitors product innovation and retail success in the consumer packaged goods market. Covering 49 of the world’s major economies, this online platform is updated with over 20,000 new product launches every month. Each month clients can also access trend analysis on the latest product innovation, ingredients and packaging and much more. If you want to know more about Mintel GNPD or how Mintel can help your business, please contact us here.

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