Hotspots: May 2023’s Top Trends Observations

Hotspots: May 2023’s Top Trends Observations

Updated: February 13, 2024
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Hotspots brings you the Mintel Trends team’s top observations on product and service launches from around the world.  From a smart device that keeps your pet engaged to a Dior Beauty wellness train, find out the most innovative global initiatives happening this month.

Positive Fashion – Mexico

Moda en Grande (Big Fashion) is the first exhibition in Mexico catering to the plus-size market. Offering ready-to-wear items from a number of categories – including swimwear, office wear, footwear, nightwear, and lingerie.

The women’s empowerment movement has prompted change in many sectors, and the world of fashion is no exception. Many outdated stereotypes that have their origins in the media still shape the fashion industry. In times of change, women are leading the way by defying unrealistic beauty standards and respecting their bodies. Brands are following suit, offering products that allow consumers to be proud of their curves and, in doing so, catering to and promoting self-expression among a demographic that has long been neglected.

Consumers adjusted their priorities during the pandemic, having reconnected with various aspects of their identities. This introspection has prompted many to want to live more authentic lives that are free of stereotypes, in turn shaping new beauty standards. In the coming years, fashion brands that offer consumers products that allow them to feel free and beautiful just as they are will be greatly appreciated. We will soon see clothing lines comprising products that can adapt to consumers’ changing bodies and will not need to be discarded due to weight loss or gain.

Kimberly Hernandez – Associate Analyst, Mintel Trends, North America

Dog’s Best AI Friend – US

Companion is a new smart device that interacts with dogs using AI and machine learning, providing them with all-day scheduled and on-demand engagement with games, behavioral programs and individualized training. The device is programmed to observe and react to a dog’s movements, posture and dispenses treats as positive reinforcement. As a pet wellness tool, the device also monitors signs of pain, stress, or anxiety in dogs.

As consumers return to life outside of the home, pet owners face a particular burden around leaving their pets unsupervised at home. Devices like Companion, aim to support these consumers by providing them with a service that lets them feel like they are offering their furry friends the best care possible. Companion has the potential to evolve from a pet wellness tool to a more comprehensive pet lifestyle tool. Building on its current features, the brand could pave the way for more tech-enabled pet health monitors that can help pet owners keep track of their pet’s health needs. With this, an AI-powered device could offer pet owners greater insight into how their pet is doing, and can even provide them with regular assessments of their pet’s mental health.

There are growing opportunities for brands to use AI as a tech-enabled solution. Consumers are increasingly trusting this technology as a way to make their lives easier, and as a way to manage all the data their devices collect in a given day. With this, tech brands will continue offering consumers AI-driven tools to make their homes smarter.

Kimberly Hernandez – Associate Analyst, Mintel Trends, North America

Personalised Prescription Skincare – Singapore

Modules, a new skincare brand from Singapore, aims to make personalised skincare with prescription-level active ingredients accessible to all. When ordering a prescription skincare product from Modules, the process includes having an online doctor’s consultation to understand the customer’s skin needs and prescribe ingredients that work for the skin. The brand is currently focused on targeting six skin concerns: acne, anti-ageing, rosacea, eczema, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

It stands at opposite ends to what it views as an industry filled with the marketing gimmicks of miracle creams, trendy ingredients, viral hacks on TikTok and celebrity skincare lines. Its prescription ingredients mean that customers can unlock skincare benefits far beyond what they would find at their local pharmacy or beauty store.

Modules could stand a good chance of operating in the premium, personalised space, where its products’ efficacy and value will get a chance to be proven amongst an organically growing following. In the years to come, we expect personalised skincare to become increasingly accessible to consumers, with advancements in telehealth and AI algorithms making it faster and more accurate for consumers to receive holistic products tailored to their individual needs.

Joey Khong – Associate Analyst, Mintel Trends, Southeast Asia

Dior Carriage- UK

The luxury Royal Scotsman, a Belmond train, has partnered with Dior Beauty to create a new carriage, Dior Spa Royal Scotsman, to support its outdoor wellness activities such as hiking and swimming. It includes two treatment rooms inspired by Dior’s iconic burgundy toile de Jouy motif, giving guests the space to unwind and de-stress, on route to Scotland. 

Dior extends its focus into the luxury wellness market, opening a beauty retreat in Shanghai. Wellness initiatives like this have the potential to reach consumers who are active and want to reset and connect with their surroundings in a unique way. Despite the grandeur and splendour of this experience, Dior will need to ensure having a wellness experience on the move doesn’t interfere with the ambience or ability of guests to relax.

Consumers will gravitate towards opportunities to prioritise their wellbeing and be in touch with nature. Curious consumers will be looking for new ways to get to know their surroundings and will value opportunities that promote escapism. We will likely see luxury brands like Dior continue to extend their business focus, branching out into other categories to create engagement and give consumers an opportunity to trade up.

Narmada Sarvanantha – Associate Analyst, Mintel Trends, Europe

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