What Can Retailers in the UK do to Encourage Consumer Spending this Halloween?

What Can Retailers in the UK do to Encourage Consumer Spending this Halloween?

October 14, 2020
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Each year we see consumers looking to save in their holiday shopping and the same will ring true for Halloween. As revealed in our Halloween and Bonfire report, 60% of consumers agreed that financial concerns meant that Halloween celebrations were more subdued than in previous years.  In response to this, brands must get creative to encourage engagement from a reluctant customer base, such as holding Halloween competitions for kids or sharing advice over social media. 

Additionally, to reduce surplus stock and promote sales across the entirety of Autumn, we recommend moving away from Halloween-themed items that will quickly lose relevancy and opting for more ever-green fall-inspired products.  

Below are some of the seasonal Halloween treats that retailers are launching to ensure shoppers can have a frightfully good Halloween.

Stacy Solomon’s Exclusive Home Collection at George

Beloved television personality and Instagram sensation Stacy Solomon unveiled her seasonal cosy range at George, ASDA in September 2023. The collection included adorable woven pumpkins, tiny ghost ornaments, and pumpkin wreaths. By leveraging Stacy’s popularity and the loyalty of her social media following, the range became a resounding success, with many items sold out. Additionally, with pricing beginning at just £1, customers can update their homes on a budget with items that are trendy throughout the whole autumn season rather than just Halloween. Retailers can look at transitioning from gimmicky Halloween products that will undoubtedly be thrown away to more sustainable, reusable products that will attract a more mature market. 

Sainsbury’s Seasonal Sweet Treats

Brands are pushing to extend the sweet-treat season across the entirety of Autumn, not just Halloween. Sainsbury’s, for instance, released their autumn-themed baked goods,  including a pumpkin-spice cake and an apple and blackberry crumble cake. This focus on seasonal decorations and flavours are very effective at influencing shoppers, who are keen to embrace the holiday spirit as soon as possible after summer.  By not limiting themselves to Halloween sweets, Sainburys has extended the appeal of their baked goods across Autumn.

Aldi Try Novelty Confectionary

Discount stores, like Aldi and Lidl, have taken a light-hearted approach to the autumnal holiday by considering how they can make food fun. For example, Aldi’s Petrifying Pumpkin Pinata includes a novelty hammer that can be used to break open the chocolate pumpkin to reveal jelly sweets and marshmallows. Creative, family-friendly products such as this are ideal for customers with younger children who may struggle to say no to a delighted and expectant child. 

Tesco’s Halloween Costume Competition

Following previous years’ successes, the Tesco F&F competition has also been reprised for another year. Entrants are asked to submit  Halloween costume designs for a chance to receive a £150 Tesco Gift Card. Plus, their design will be created and sold in stores and online for next year’s Halloween collection. Initiatives such as this are invaluable for boosting engagement. Utilising the power of social media, such as hosting competitions, can lead to increased brand awareness, follower growth and great opportunities for data collection.

What We Think

In the wake of the cost of living crisis, customers are looking for value on Halloween, as has been the case for previous holidays this year. For example, 50% of people reported spending less because of financial concerns on Easter and purchasing fell by over 40% on Valentine’s Day. Brands can attempt to distract from rising prices and continue to garner brand loyalty by offering free Halloween activities. 

For several years, supermarkets have released seasonal recipes to keep consumers engaged. Aldi voted the cheapest supermarket 15 months in a row, has shared video tutorials for chocolate-covered strawberry ghosts and recipes for pumpkin-spiced latte cupcakes. Fashion brands like Next also share holiday inspiration on Instagram and TikTok- like 5 cosy autumn outfits or Halloween date night ideas. Creating unobtrusive and natural Halloween content on social media is crucial for staying relevant and encouraging engagement and sales.  

Confectionery and sweets will drive sales for Halloween, however, to avoid large volumes of surplus chocolate products that are e then subjected to significant discounts. It will be crucial for retailers to find a balance between encouraging consumers to buy into the event with Halloween-themed sweets while mitigating surplus stock with season-neutral options that won’t encourage waste.

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Emily Viberg
Emily Viberg

Emily Viberg is a Retail Analyst at Mintel. She researches and writes reports on seasonal shopping.

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